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Bulk Diesel and Bulk Gas Delivery • Cardlock open 24hr / 7 days • Proudly serving Vermillion, Lloydminster, Elk Point & Surrounding Areas

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Bulk Diesel and Gas Delivery

We deliver Bulk Diesel and Bulk Gas.

Cardlock open 24/7

Use your UFA Cardlock card at each of our locations! We offer gas, diesel, dyed gas, dyed diesel, premium diesel, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

Lube & Oil

We provide a wide range of lubricants & oil: Shell oil & grease, Chevron oil & grease, Baldwin Filters, Hydraulic oils, and gloves.


Dieselex Gold, Diesel (Clear/Dyed), Gas (Clear/Dyed), all available at our 3 location Cardlocks, as well as bulk delivery. DEF is also available at Vermilion and Lloydminster. Each location has an office, with a wide range of retail lubricants & propane. See inside stores today!

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